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Dunclug Primary School, Ballymena

Christmas Movie Night Fundraiser

Our school council have been busy organising a Christmas Movie night fundraiser. We can't wait for this exciting event!


School Council at Dunclug Primary School

At Dunclug Primary School we believe that our children are the most important people. We endeavour to give all children opportunities to share their thoughts and opinions. The aim of our school council is to make Dunclug Primary an even better place. Our school council have been chosen by the pupils to represent the children in the school. Every few weeks the school council meets with Mrs Spence and they can share the children’s ideas and suggestions.

School Council 2023/24


Book Resale

⭐️Well done to our fantastic School Council who raised £150 through our book resale! ⭐️

Thank you to everyone who generously donated books and to our school council for the hard work put in to organise this event!


Book Sale

Our school council have been busy organising our next school fundraiser. They plan to hold a second-hand book sale on the week beginning Monday 27th of February.

If you have any books at home that you would like to donate to our book sale, could you send them in with your child before Monday 27th of February.


Pupil Voice Questionnaire

At Dunclug Primary School we believe it is so important to listen to our pupils and take their opinions on board. This year our whole school Literacy focus is aimed at developing pupils' reading comprehension skills. As part of our development we wanted to get the pupils' thoughts on reading. Our school council took part in a pupil voice questionnaire to help us find out how our children feel about reading and how we could help to improve their reading. Through a discussion and questionnaire the school council came up with really interesting and insightful comments which will be really useful for teachers when planning and teaching reading. 


School Council 2022/23


'Get Spotty for Children in Need'

The school council have been busy organising a non uniform day to raise money and awareness for 'Children in Need'. They created brilliant posters to put around the school to advertise the event. We hope we raise lots of money for an amazing cause!


School council encourage healthy breaks

This term school council are trying to encourage the children at Dunclug PS to eat healthier breaks. They know that eating healthy food will help them to stay fit, grow strong and concentrate in class! The pupils in school council are running a competition over the next month to see which class has the most healthy breaks. The class with the most healthy breaks each month will win the extra playtime.


New Playground Equipment!

Our School Council showing off some of the playground equipment that they purchased using funds raised from their Halloween fundraising activities! Well done everyone!


Book Sale

School council are organising a book sale at our Christmas Fair on Thursday 5th of December. They will sell books that have been donated by the pupils of Dunclug. The money raised will go towards school funds.


Halloween Disco

On Tuesday 29th of October the school council are planning a Halloween fancy dress day. During this day we will have a Halloween disco where the pupils can show off all of their amazing costumes and refreshments will be provided. For non-uniform and for the disco we ask that each child brings in £2 which will go towards school funds. We look forward to seeing all your creative Halloween costumes!


Doughnut sale

The school council are organising a doughnut sale for Tuesday 22nd of October. This sale will happen at break time and after school at 1pm. The doughnuts will be sold for 50p which will go towards school funds.

The sale will continue on Wednesday and Thursday if there are any left.

The school council has been busy organising the event and will be selling these sweet treats on Tuesday.

Put this date in the diary so you don't miss out on the doughnuts and selection of other traybakes!


School Council 2019/20


School Council election 2019


Over the next few weeks our new school council for 2019/20 will be elected. The pupils have been busy creating their own school council election posters which will be displayed in the assembly hall for the next week. We will then hold our school council elections and find out who is part of our new school council.


Pupil Voice


At Dunclug Primary School we understand the importance of pupil voice. For the next few weeks the School Council are looking into the schools behaviour policy. We are going to be using the pupils' opinions on inappropriate behaviour and appropriate sanctions when editing our behaviour policy. It is vital that pupils are involved in these decisions and our school council is a great representation of our whole school!


Valentines Sweetie Cart

The School Council have been working very hard to organise a Valentines Sweetie Cart. The Sweetie cart will be run during school hours on Wednesday 13th and Thursday 14th of February. If pupils would like to buy from the sweetie cart they can bring money on both of these days. 


Donut sale

On Monday 29th of October School Council is holding a non-uniform day. The pupils will be charged £1 for this which will go towards school funds.

During this day there will also be a donut sale- pupils will be able to buy donuts and a selection of other cakes and tray bakes. The school council will be involved in selling and making some of these sweet treats!



Halloween Disco

On Tuesday 30th of October the school council are planning a Halloween fancy dress day. There will also be a Halloween disco where refreshments will be provided for the children. For non-uniform and for the disco we ask that each child brings in £2 which will go towards school funds. We look forward to seeing all your creative Halloween costumes!


School Council 2018/2019

School Council elections have closed and we now have our school council for 2018/2019. Well done to everyone who made a poster as all entries were of a very high standard. Congratulations to our 6 school council members who have been elected by their peers. The School Council members for this year are; Tameece McKelvey, T'mia Jenkins, Jasmine Hayes, Rebecca Logan, Max Graham and Kenzie Maitland. Congratulations to these pupils and we look forward to seeing them taking on their role this year.


Guess How Many Eggs?

The school council are running an Easter themed fundraiser event in school. During the next few weeks the pupils will get the chance to guess how many chocolate eggs are in the Easter jar. The winner will be the person who guesses the correct amount or the closest to it. They will win the jar of chocolate eggs!


School Council 2017/18

Here we have the 6 members of our School Council.

P7 Reps: Scott Hamilton & Jayden Mee

P6 Reps: Aaliyah Boyd & Kenzie Maitland,

P5 Reps: Max Graham & Oscar Wilson


Poppy Appeal 2017


The School Council were a great help with this year's Poppy Appeal by taking the poppy box around each class in pairs.

Pupils from P1-P7 made donations to attain poppies and had the opportunity to wear them to our Remembrance assembly which took place on Friday 10th November.


School Council £1 Sale


On Thursday 19th October, the School Council held a very successful £1 sale. It was so popular that all pupils were given another opportunity to buy items on Friday 20th too!

The pupils purchased a range of donated items such as jewellery, DVDs, toys, books and accessories and all sale proceeds have positively contributed to raising our school funds!

The School Council members did a fantastic job with creating posters to advertise the sale, organising resources and assisting pupils with their purchases. 

Miss Cameron and the School Council would like to thank everyone for all donations and support for the sale - a really great start to the school year with the success of this first event!


School Council Meetings


At these meetings, we discuss a range of school issues and suggest our ideas for changes/developments within school and events throughout the year such as school fundraising initiatives, themes for non-uniform days, ideas for whole school fun days/treats.