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Dunclug Primary School, Ballymena

Primary 4

Welcome to our Year 4/5 page. We hope you enjoy seeing what we get up to over the next term!


'My Brilliant Body' visitors, a doctor, dentist and nurse


Measuring perimeter of shapes


Football match s during Coaching for Christ


Year 4 and 5 learning the process of the digestive system through a science experiment


Year 4 and 5 celebrating Safer Internet Day


Year 4 and 5 learning to make posters and presentations on Adobe during an ICT workshop


Year 4 and 5


Our class charter


As a class we came up with our class charter and agreed to it by signing our names. 




P.E. days for Year 4 and 5 are Tuesday and Wednesday so make sure you bring your P.E. kit those days. 



19th Nov 2022
Well done to our P4 - P7 pupils. Brilliant ambassadors for our school. We hope that...
10th Aug 2022
🌳 Green shoots of progress 🌳

Children in need


Anti-bullying week


Chester Challenge - Thinking about healthy eating and healthy living


Lantern making for the Christmas parade


Autumn poems


Recycling workshop to make swords and shields


‘Knock Knock' book launch at Stormont


We have been designing and creating our own Viking brooches and badges


Year 4/5 working hard in ICT to create Viking posters


A morning with Young Entreprise


Outdoor numeracy estimating and measuring objects in our playground


Mental maths activities on Kahoot


The Vikings


Coaching for Christ Festival


Recycling workshop


Numeracy in the sunshine


Rainforest dioramas


Young Enterprise


European Day of Languages


Year 4/5 practising their times tables out in the sunshine. ☀️


Year 4/5 using their modelling skills to create a clay ‘red eyed tree frog' as part of their rainforest topic


Making 3D shapes and discussing their properties


World Book Day in Year 4/5


Perimeter - Last week we got outside to take part in some practical perimeter in the playground working in pairs.


This week a suitcase arrived in our classroom, we came up with some questions about who the suitcase belonged to. We discovered it belonged to Sunny the meerkat from 'Meerkat Mail'. We then practised using apsotrophes for possession to show what items b


Chest, Heart and Stroke one mile run


Henri Rousseau ‘Tiger in a Tropical Rainforest'


‘The Dot'

This week in Year 4/5 we have been reading the story ‘The Dot’ and creating our own artistic dots. After having read the story we had some class discussions about having the self confidence to believe in ourselves and encouraging others to do so also. In this scenario, all we have to do is to ‘make a mark’ and we will become artists. We also discussed the fact that if we are ever finding something difficult we need to just give it a go and try our best, keep working hard or ask for help. As we like to say in Year 4/5, we may not have got it …YET, but if we keep going we will be able to do it one day. Keep believing in ourselves


Watercolour paintings of the River Nile


SU light party - what a great time!

Year 4/5 had a fantastic time in the SU light party.


Pedestrian safety walk


Preparing for our Christmas parade making lanterns


Year 4 and 5 Pharaohs


Celebrating National Poetry Day


Making champ


European Day of Languages


Coaching for Christ


Ancient Egypt Artwork


Mummification process


Our pharaoh crowns


The Boy, the Mole, the Fox and the Horse


Latest Photographs


Class Photograph