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Dunclug Primary School, Ballymena

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Admissions Criteria

Admissions criteria to be used in the event of the school being oversubscribed:

The Board of Governors has drawn up the school’s admission criteria and has delegated to the Principal its function and responsibilities in relation to the application of these criteria and the admission of pupils to the School.The criteria are listed in order of priority.

  1. Children who have a sibling currently enrolled at the school.
  2. Children whose sibling previously attended (name/dates attended must be given on the application form).
  3. Children whose mother/father/guardian are past pupils of the school
  4. Children for whom Dunclug Primary School is the nearest school to their home address as measured along the public road using Google Maps.
  5. Where two or more children live the same distance from school, final selection will be on the basis of alphabetical order of the child’s name (as entered on the birth certificate). Firstly, consideration will be given to the surname. Thereafter, if two children have the same surname the alphabetical order of the first forename will be the deciding factor.

Parent and Carer Feedback 2021

Parent and Carer Comments from 2021

  • I would recommend the school to other parents, I find it has plenty of resources and has the time to treat each child individually.
  • I would definitely recommend Dunclug Primary School to other parents for its caring, supportive ethos.
  • My child loves this school. Everything and everyone in it is brilliant.
  • Never been aware of any bullying issues within the school as such a close school, but all teachers are approachable so feel confident that if there were ever any issues they would be managed and dealt with appropriately. My son cannot wait to return to school after the holidays.
  • My son loves school, the support during home learning was excellent.
  • My kids love Dunclug PS they enjoy the staff pupils friendly and familiar surroundings.
  • The school is very attentive if needing to address a concern. The children are all well behaved, mannerly, helpful and this all comes down to a great staff input. As a parent of four, it has given me great reassurance to know my kids enjoy going to school so much.
  • My children are very much where they should be in their Key Stages.
  • Lovely teachers and principal. Very friendly and helpful. My children love to go to school.
  • Dunclug Primary School is a lovely safe environment and teachers so approachable.
  • Brilliant school with amazing teachers.
  • My child has come on so much especially in the last 12 months.
  • For us as parents to a child with differing needs, the school is so much more than being about the building.
  • Your school radiated the feeling of a lovely, caring, enthusiastic school which we would love to send our children to be part of.

Useful Dates - 2022

  • Friday 17th December 2021: EA publishes information on website about the Primary 1 admissions process
  • Monday 10th January 2022: Online Portal opens (12 noon)
  • Friday 28th January 2022: Final date for Primary 1 online applications
  • Friday 4th February 2022: Birth certificate to 1st preference school by 12 noon
  • Thursday 28th April 2022: Citizen Portal opens for parents to view the outcome of their P1 application - notification letter also issued to parents
  • Thursday 9th June 2022: Dunclug Primary School P1 Induction Day
  • Contact us to find out more - Tel: 0282565 2327