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Dunclug Primary School, Ballymena

Primary 1

We are really looking forward to seeing our new Primary 1 children again. 

Please bring :

  • a small break time snack and drink
  • PE slippers with Velcro fastening
  • a small hand sanitiser (optional) 

We will provide each child with their own pencils, crayons and colouring pencils which will stay in school at their own desk.

Looking forward to seeing you all!

Mrs Spence



Posting our Christmas Cards



During the Summer term P1 will be exploring the topic of 'Fairy-Tales'. We will look at lots of different Fairy-Tales and explore the characters from these stories. At the end of the term we will hold a Fairy-Tale tea party to celebrate all of our favourite Fairy-Tales. 


The Farm

This term P1 will be exploring the topic of 'The Farm'. We will look at life on the farm, animals on the farm and read the story' What the Ladybird Heard'. We will explore the season of Spring and all the excitement on the farm at this time of year. 


'People Who Help Us'

In January and February we are exploring the topic of 'People Who Help Us'. The pupils will learn all about different people in their community, school and homes who can help them. They will learn about their jobs and what they do to keep us safe. Hopefully we will have some special visitors to the class who will be able to share more about their role. 



In November and December our new topic is ‘Toys!’ We will look at the difference between toys in the past and toys in the present.

We will talk about and show our favourite toy to the class and see how our toys work and move. We will also look at toys from around the world and Christmas traditions.


'All About Me'

This term Primary 1 are exploring the topic 'All About Me'. The pupils will be looking at how they are special and unique. They will also learn about their bodies and explore the  five  senses. The pupils will look at pictures of themselves as babies and will talk about how they have changed and grown into children.



20th Oct 2023
Well done to everyone at Dunclug Primary School who has worked hard recently completing...

Toys Show and Tell


As part of our 'Toys' topic Primary 1 brought in their favourite toy to show their friends. 


Making Champ in Primary 1


🌿 Our little gardeners in Primary 1 had a blast digging up potatoes in our school garden. 🥔 With the help of the eco council and Angela in the kitchen they turned their harvest into delicious champ - a perfect blend of fun and learning in the school garden. 🌱


Autumn Fun in Primary 1


Settling in to Primary 1


Primary 1 2023/24


Growing Peas in Primary 1


Butterflies in Primary 1


Primary 1 have had so much fun looking after Miss King's caterpillars and watching them turn into butterflies. Yesterday we loved watching the butterflies fly as we released them into our garden. 🌳🌷
The class then wrote reports about their butterfly friends. 🦋


Our Vegetable Garden

There was lots of excitement in Primary 1 as we harvested our first radishes. We cut it up and had a little taste. Some loved it.... Some were not too sure! 🤣 We then made the most of a beautiful afternoon and planted some more seedlings into our school garden. 🥕🥦🥬

A Visit from Lucy the Vet

A busy morning in Primary 1 with Lucy the vet. She taught us how to look after our sick animals and bandage up their sore legs and wings!   Lucy showed us some x rays of her teddy who had eaten her phone. We then very carefully operated on teddy to get the phone out.   Thank you so much Lucy for taking time out of your very busy schedule to pay us a visit!

A visit from Farmer James

P1 had the most exciting morning meeting Farmer James (Miss King’s Dad). 🐷🐥🐄🐑🌱 James showed us pictures of his farm and talked about what sort of work he does as a farmer. We got to ask him questions and learnt lots about the farm. We even got a chance to sit inside Farmer James' tractor.

Planting Radishes in Primary 1


Life Cycle of a Frog

Today P1 welcomed some friendly visitors into our classroom. We are looking forward to watching the frog spawn grow into tapdoles as we learn about the life-cycle of a frog as part of our farm topic. We then made some pretend frogspawn which we will be able to play with in the water tray. 🐸Once the tadpoles get big enough we will release them into a local river before our classroom is full of frogs!🐸

Unusual Places to Read

As part of our World Book Day celebrations Primary 1 took part in an 'Unusual Places to Read' competition. They took pictures of themselves reading in the strangest of places. Take a look at their very creative ideas!

Celebrating Valentines


💕Love is in air 💕

This week P1 has so much fun making and decorating heart biscuits and Valentines cards for their loved ones. We hope you love them!


Internet Safety Day 2023


For internet safety day P1 read the story ‘Digiduck and the Magic Castle’ which taught us about who can help us when we use a computer or iPad. We then talked about who we can talk to if we see something online that makes us fell worried or upset. We drew pictures to remind us of the people who can help us in school and at home.


People Who Help Us


People Who Help Us At Home

P1 had lots of fun in Numeracy today weighting out ingredients to make rice krispie buns. We also made some flower bouquets to go alongside the tasty treats. P1 then gave their creations to their loved ones at home to say a huge 'Thank You' for all that they do for us. 🥰💐

Letter From Mrs Claus

❄️A cosy morning making hot chocolate in P1❄️ This morning P1 received a mysterious letter from Mrs Claus asking for their help to make Santa’s favourite hot chocolate. She sent P1 a bag of ingredients which the children had to choose which ones would be best. They then made some tasty hot chocolate and made a list of the ingredients to send back to Mrs Claus.

The Jolly Postmen

This week P1 have been busy making and posting Christmas cards to their friends. Each morning two helpful P1’s delivered the cards around the class. We then read the story of the ‘Jolly Postman’ and looked at lots of letters and cards from the different fairy-tale characters. P1 then made Christmas cards for their family and posted them at the local post box. They are so excited for the postmen to deliver their cards!

The Colour Monster

Our Primary 1 pupils have been exploring their emotions and feelings through the story ‘The colour monster’. The pupils made their own colour monsters and talked about how each emotion may make them feel. Each morning the children think about how they’re feeling and display their moods on our class feelings chart.

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